Physical Wellness Programs offer numerous benefits for all parties in the workplace. Employees will enjoy numerous physiological and health benefits (e.g. improved posture, reduced muscle pain, and better well-being) whilst employers can enhance their employee’s value proposition (EVP) and enjoy decreased health related expenditures, a greater awareness of employee wellness status, increased profitability and reduced absenteeism.

Over the last five years, EPT has treated well over 100 000 athletes at various sporting events all across South Africa, and now we are bringing that knowledge and expertise to the workplace in the search for overall wellness.
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Our Services Offered

Each and every office is different, that is why we customise our services to best fit your office and employees. Some companies have a relaxed atmosphere, where others are strictly professional. We want to fit in as seamlessly as possible, to ensure that we do not interrupt the flow of work, but rather render services discreetly. The following services can be combined, used on their own, or be applied in any way you see fit.


Simple yet effective. Often 10 minutes of targeted shoulder and neck massage therapy is all that is needed to relieve painful and tight muscles. Our trained staff have years of experience when it comes to sport massage. Coupled with quick, targeted stretch exercises participants feel rejuvenated again


Poor posture is a leading cause of muscular pain, especially in a sedentary workplace. Often a few simple, low-intensity exercises can have a significant effect on posture. This is due to increased activation of the muscles that are used for good posture.


Pilates is an excellent way to get exercise that does not cause sweating – ideal for the workplace. It also works those muscles that do not get used throughout the day. Employees can take a 30-minute class before work that will boost their energy levels without the rigour of a gym workout.


EMS (electro muscle stimulation) is an effective way to relieve pain, gain strength or simply relax tense muscle. Our Compex units are portable, wireless, completely silent and can even be connected to two people at once. All of these attributes make them highly efficient, sought after and popular amongst our clients.


Companies spend great time and effort on ergonomic office chairs, standing desks and equipment to help with employee comfort and wellness. It is however not easy to check up and re-adjust equipment when necessary. This is where EPT can assist. Our staff members have a trained eye for bad posture and can recommend adjustments where needed.


The benefits of stretching has been well-documented in literature. Not only does it relax tense muscles, improve posture and decrease pain, it also improves morale, is fun and can entice friendly competition among employees. On top of that it is a quick and easy way to improve physical wellness.


This is a service that comes as standard with all other services. Reporting on the complaints, pains, illnesses and stress of employees can be a valuable asset to any company. Employees are after all the greatest resource any company can have. By asking a few simple questions upon each consultation, the EPT staff member is able to build a database of all the complaints. This can then be used to identify early onset of problems such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It can also be used to bring necessary changes to areas that are otherwise causing stress. The goal here is to keep employees as comfortable and productive as possible.


We pride ourselves on giving the best service we possibly can. This has been the motto of EPT since its inception. Let us tailor-make a package that will suit your company, your employees and your budget. For further enquiries, please contact us:

Willem Landman


Russell Looms


Francois Retief