Central to every athlete and weekend warrior is the recovery and performance of their muscular system. The Recovery Experience involves many disciplines to ensure each athlete or weekend warrior is fully prepared before, during and after an event. We offer strapping and taping, injury management advice, sports massage and Electro Muscular Stimulation.

A Sports Massage works deep into the muscles, realigning the muscle fibres and connective tissue, and flushing away the toxins. Regular sessions will increase joint mobility and flexibility, and reduce the risk of injury during exercise.

At EPT we have over 200 fully trained therapists across various disciplines such as Physiotherapy, Biokinetisists and High Performance Sports. Each EPT therapist goes through a various accredited training bodies including a nationally accredited sports massage training course overseen by Swing Fit – the leaders in Sports Massage training in South Africa. 

So what will you experience during a sports massage by one of our therapists?

We keep our sports massages simple and effective by following the fundamentals of massage such as Effleurage (repeated circular stroking movement), petrissage (kneading) and Tapotement (rapid and repeated striking). Each massage is however unique to the athlete and our specially trained therapists will deliver the appropriate massage.

We know each event is different and so we adapt our massage offering by event. Please do keep a look out for how to book, the duration and the cost of the massage on offer.

Below you can find the link to the current events where we are taking pre-bookings for massages.