EPT strives to continually raise the bar of service excellence during sporting events, enabling athletes to experience the fuller range of an event offering.

South African based, our customers range from the general public to high-level athletes. We are honoured to be associated with most major sporting events in the Western Cape and would like to be their Sport Massage Service Provider of choice.

We believe Sports Massage plays an important role in the life of successful sportsmen and women, whether injured or not.

EPT values loyal and reliable partnerships. Being familiar with your specific requirements will enable us to structure turnkey solutions; from setup, through disciplined professional services, to clean-up.

EPT believe in maximising the customer experience and convenience and therefore invested in web-based technologies to provide an online booking and payment system linked to a live on-site big screen display to facilitate the customer’s experience.


We love doing events, from small intimate events to large events that need a Big screen display to guide customers. Our qualified staff offer a variety of soft tissue techniques to effectively deal with sport recovery, prevention, and rehabilitation.We specialise in spoiling customers with a great sport massages, manually manipulating soft tissue.

Services provided at the events include:

  • Customer convenience with an online booking & payment system
  • Sport massage
  • Myofascial release and foam ball rolling
  • Structural therapy
  • Ice therapy
  • Strapping and taping

Event Teams

We will pick an appropriate team for an event from our current human resources base:

  • 2 x Fully Qualified & Registered Biokineticists
  • 2 x Fully Qualified & Registered Physiotherapists
  • 2 x Fully Qualified & Registered Chiropractors
  • Sports Therapist (level 1 & 2)
  • Up to 80 Physiotherapy students from UCT, UWC, Stellenbosch, Tukkies
  • Up to 60 trained Biokinetics students from Stellenbosch, UWC and UCT
  • Sport Science students trained by us from Stellenbosch, UCT and UW


If the events company has their own facility or sponsor for the recovery zone we will use their infrastructure, alternatively we have:

  • 4 x (3 x 3m) EPT Branded pop-up gazebos (with sidewalls and ground sheets)
  • Bed blocks (if required to prevent beds from sinking into mud)
  • Administration tables & chairs, Credit Card POS, Directional antennae & router for Internet connectivity, laptops, & Big screen
  • Mobile Change Room


  • Vinyl mats, Ice Buckets &Rollers
  • Massage beds – with baskets for athlete’s clothes, sheets, towels and consumables
  • Range of stretching tools and instructional stretching material
  • Strapping and taping equipment and consumables
  • Range of ergonomic and/or exercise equipment (for sale at events and online)

On Site Requirments

EPT will liaise with the Event organisers prior to an event, however, the following will be required to operate a fully functional sports recovery zone:

  • Outside space scaled suitably to match event size
  • Indoor space equipped with 220Volt power supply to handle online booking system
  • Internet connectivity to run live booking system, continuity of connectivity in rural areas is usually problematic.

Marketing Support

  • Prior mention of our service in your Electronic Media through websites, newsletters, facebook and twitter.
  • Regular coverage for EPT by Sporting Commentator at event

Staff Qualifications

Our team of therapists are trained and are committed to providing high quality services to all customers.

  • We maintain high standards through frequent workshops and examinations.
  • We have experience in providing scalable services at events. Along with our professional work ethic, we strive to ensure the highest level of industry standards.
  • It’s our aim to ensure that the athlete’s total event experience is enhanced due to the high standard of service received and positive interaction with our staff.