the Ultimate Recovery Experience
Sport Massage
the Ultimate Recovery Experience
Myofascial Release and foam ball rolling
the Ultimate Recovery Experience
Strapping and Taping
the Ultimate Recovery Experience
Ice and Structural Therapy
the Ultimate Recovery Experience

About Us

We are a South African based company specialising in health wellness. Our customers range from the general public to high-level athletes. We are honoured to be associated with most major sporting events in the Western Cape and would like to be their Sport Massage Service Provider of choice.

We believe Sports Massage plays an important role in the life of successful sportsmen and women, whether injured or not.

EPT values loyal and reliable partnerships. Being familiar with your specific requirements will enable us to structure turnkey solutions; from setup, through disciplined professional services, to clean-up.

EPT believe in maximising the customer experience and convenience and therefore invested in web-based technologies to provide an online booking and payment system linked to a live on-site big screen display to facilitate the customer’s experience.

EPT strives to continually raise the bar of service excellence during sporting events, enabling athletes to experience the fuller range of an event offering.

EPT - the Ultimate Recovery Experience !